"Exhibit the Skills of Workers and Build the Spirit of Craftsman" to reach the 8th Electroacoustic Skills Competition

INPUTTIME: 2021-05-26

       In order to welcome the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, comprehensively improve the professional quality and skill level of the majority of employees, further accelerate the construction of high-skilled employees, promote the in-depth development of the "Innovation for Development" activity, cultivate "Weifang Craftsmen" talents, and gather innovation-driven development Strength, promote the transformation of new and old kinetic energy major projects and the construction of "four cities", advocate the establishment of the "spiritual craftsman spirit", and give full play to the positive incentive role of innovation and creation of skills competitions. Theelectroacoustic party committee, the labor union and the company's high-level research decision, In order to encourage employees to base themselves on their positions, learn technology and drill their business, actively create first and strive for excellence, and gradually enhance the company's market competitiveness, combined with the actual situation of the construction company, formulate the 8th "Gongda Electroacoustic" Cup Skills Competition program.


       On the afternoon of May 8th, on this day of full harvest, we solemnly held the 8th Gongda Electroacoustic Skills Competition Summary and Commendation Conference in 2021. We expressed the hard work and sweat of the comrades in the past month. The exquisite technology displayed and the demonstrated competitive spirit were commended.



       At the conference, Mr. Li Guangqiang, the chairman of the trade union, fully affirmed the competition. He pointed out that this competition has made new breakthroughs in terms of schedule, competition methods, and scope of competition. The schedule is "live and tight", the method is "multiple and new", and the scope is "broad and complete". The technical skill level of employees has been improved through the competition platform.

       Chairman Li encourages the majority of employees to base themselves on their posts, learn technology, drill business, strive to be the first to create excellence, and gradually enhance the company's market competitiveness. The company’s good products are inseparable from the efforts of the employees. Only when the employees are skilled can we have good products and win the trust of customers. Only with our unremitting pursuit of technology, products, and quality, we can climb the peak. .


       During the competition, in order to ensure the actual development of various competition projects and prevent the competition from becoming a mere formality, the company supervised the whole competition. Company leaders and BU leaders participated in the whole process, pointed out the problems in the project development in time and solved them on the spot. Through active communication and effective control, the actual results of the competition were ensured and the quality of personnel was improved.



        At the meeting, Liu Shaohua from the AABU Manufacturing Course Four delivered a speech as the award-winning representative. He said: Thanks to Gongda Electroacoustic for the continuous care and expectation of our growth, so that we can get better and better in a humanistic environment that respects labor and values talents. Fast growth, and secondly, I would like to thank my colleagues in the auxiliary department of the workshop (engineering quality) for their guidance in the work, which has greatly improved my business level. During the competition, the leaders and colleagues continued to give me confidence and help me Releasing the pressure enabled me to perform supernormally and achieve good results in the first place.

        From preparation to competition, all the way to the end made me firmer in my professional and technical concept. Quality is the life of an enterprise and technology is the embodiment of productivity. This is also our magic weapon for victory. I believe that as long as we stick to it, the next first is You-"Total artisans".



       With the joint efforts of all colleagues, the 8th Gongda Electroacoustic Skills Competition has completed all the events according to the schedule. Each participating department fully combined the skill requirements of the personnel in daily work to design the competition plan, and under the unified coordination and organization of the company, the competition projects were carried out flexibly and independently. In this competition, a total of more than 500 people participated in 15 major professional competitions. After a month of fierce competition, 22 technical experts, 47 outstanding skill players, and 78 outstanding technicians emerged.

       In the next step, the Gongda Electroacoustic Trade Union will closely surround the superior party committee and the trade union and serve the Gongda employees wholeheartedly. We will forge ahead and innovate continuously to make the union work better.