GETTOP has been run for 20 years based on excellent quality and management, and commitment to the social responsibilities in the past 20 years as well, including environmental protection, employee occupational safety and health.With the development of Gettop, the contribution to society is getting greater.

    Social Responsibility, Labor, Morality Management Policy

    GETTOP promises to comply with laws and regulations, respect and safeguard the rights of its employees, and the business activities must be responsible for the society to make our society better. Therefore, the company statements:

    1) Prohibit employing child labor and forced labor, and do not accept the supplier and subcontractor using any child labor or forced labor.

    2 ) Respect freedom of employees and prohibits any forced labor.

    3 )Provide safety and health working and living conditions to ensure the safety and health of employees.

    4 ) Push the labor –Management cooperation, respect employees' freedom of association and the collective bargain rights.

    5 ) Provide working environment on equality and justice, and prohibit any form of discrimination.

    6 ) Respect employees' basic rights, prohibit any form of humiliating behavior.

    7 ) Arrange production plan, working hours, rest and vacation reasonably .

    8 ) Provide reasonable salary and benefits, meet the basic need of employees at least.

    9 ) Abide by business ethics to ensure business fair competition