The Securities Regulatory Department strongly promoted the "5.15 Investor Protection Publicity Day", and reached the electro-acoustic presentation meeting

INPUTTIME: 2021-05-26


       The new "Securities Law" was formally implemented on March 1 this year. Compared with the previous "Securities Law", one of the highlights of the new Securities Law is that it pays more attention to investor protection and has made more systems in terms of investor protection. arrangement.        According to statistics, there are 150 million investors in my country's capital market, of which over 95% are small and medium investors. The capital market is highly professional and risky. Under the conditions of “majority of capital” rules and publicized centralized transactions, small and medium-sized investors are compared with listed companies, major shareholders, intermediaries and institutional investors in terms of financial strength, information Relatively weak in terms of access and risk tolerance, they are vulnerable to unfair treatment. In this context, the securities regulatory authority established the national "5.15 Investor Protection Publicity Day". The purpose is to use this as an opportunity to popularize investment risks, advocate rational investment by investors, and also demonstrate the determination and position of the regulatory authorities in safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of investors.        Public information shows that securities regulatory bureaus across the country have taken actions one after another, requesting securities institutions and listed companies in their jurisdictions to do a good job in the publicity work of the "5.15 Investor Protection Publicity Day" and effectively protect investors.      The "5.15 Investor Protection Publicity Day" has also received widespread attention among ordinary investors. Some investors asked how listed companies can protect the interests of investors through interactive exchanges and other methods. For example, an investor asked Gongda Diansheng (002655.SZ) on the interactive platform: 5.15 Investor Protection Publicity Day is coming soon. What measures does the company have to protect investors?        In response, Gongda Diansheng replied: The company has always paid attention to investor protection and has made investor relationship management the focus of its daily work. The company will strictly follow the "Investor Relations Management System" and "Investor Reception and Promotion System" to actively do a good job in investor relationship management and establish a sound investor relationship management system. In the future, the company will do at least the following points: 1. Do a good job in information disclosure, and disclose relevant information in a timely, objective and comprehensive manner in accordance with the requirements of laws and regulations, so that investors can keep abreast of major events and financial conditions of the company in a timely manner; 2. Pay attention to shareholder returns, and when the company has surplus and does not affect the company’s normal production and operation of the cash, fully consider the cash dividends to investors, and actively return to all shareholders; 3. Strengthen management in media tracking and investor problem solving, etc. . Enhance timely communication with investors through Shenzhen Stock Exchange Interactive, Investor Interactive Relations Platform, Investor Hotline, Company Email, Company Website, etc., and arrange dedicated personnel to regularly maintain the above channels and platforms to ensure that the information feedback from investors can be delivered to The company answers investors’ questions in a timely manner and accepts investors’ opinions and suggestions on the premise of not violating the letter; 4. Strictly follow the internal regulations and actively receive on-site and telephone surveys of institutions, and promptly provide information on visiting investors and questions and answers. Record, and disclose research-related information in an objective, true, accurate, complete and timely manner in accordance with relevant requirements of regulatory agencies.        As the securities regulatory authorities pay more and more attention to investor protection, it is believed that more and more listed companies will put investor protection in a more important position; at the same time, as the "5.15 Investor Protection Publicity Day" is launched every year , The investment knowledge of small and medium investors will become more and more abundant, and the risk awareness will become higher and higher.