Total new "sound" generation, hand in hand to create the future

INPUTTIME: 2021-07-24

         "Total voice! To the top!" The clear and loud slogan echoed in the clear sky for a long time. On July 23, 2021 Gongda Voice intensive training melting briefing was successfully concluded in a warm atmosphere.

        This year, more than 50 people were admitted by the voice, among which the proportion of students from double first-class universities was the highest ever. To amount to the sound of fusion and condensed from school to society, from students to market the transition to a soft landing, artificial cultivation management scheme, detailed hr to cognitive "extended mind", "promotes fast learning ability", "strengthen the team cooperation" as the goal, using immersive experience, breakthrough self limit, and other forms of experiential learning, practice cognition, The integration of training is divided into four stages (intensive training and smelting, post practice, on-the-job practice, and continuous training), and the segmental learning and growth goals are set, and the management is carried out from three dimensions of "cultivation", "use" and "retention".


        The intensive training lasts for 12 days, including military training, intensive teaching, evening classes, "reading sharing" and other projects. During the training, the voice of the total at 6:30 began military training PaoCao, early in the morning, standing in the scorching sun overhead QinDiQuan JunZi, queue training, learning, focus on teaching in the afternoon, to speak with the instructor in class interaction, late in the evening class arranged meeting to share the topic for discussion and reading, heated discussion and express their views.those till the end of about half past nine, The whole day's training is a combination of static and dynamic, intense and fulfilling.

        A variety of projects and activities let the voices of gongda exercise the body, temper the will, and understand the company's development process, learn the basic knowledge of products, master the "brainstorming", "six methods" and other tools and methods.

        Both military training and teaching require team unity and cooperation. Whether it is queue training or reading, sharing and discussion, the team needs unity and tacit cooperation. During the training period, the group was divided into four groups. The 12-day training greatly aroused everyone's enthusiasm and improved the cohesion of the team. Everyone learned how to play a role in the team.


        In the training briefing, the four teams were divided into two groups to report the results. Two teams showed the results of the reading sharing meeting, and the other two teams showed the team talent. The wonderful presentation of the four teams won warm applause from the company's senior management and colleagues.

        In the military training rehearsal, the voices of the total enthusiasm, everyone with the best state to complete the performance, they are full of vigor and vitality as the summer sunshine, bright smile on everyone's face, as the new blood of the company showed a new generation of "voices" of the energy and passion of young people.


        The current total of voices has entered a stage of department internship, believe that through a month of production practice, they will, post on production process, product process have a preliminary cognition, lay good foundation for the work practice, the follow-up of human resources and business will together is the voice of the amount to set up a good development platform, to ensure they are at the same time of rapid growth, Be able to keep pace with the development of the company for a long time.

        "Skip over the waves will sometimes, straight to the sea in full sail", is blood, youth and vitality to the sun, brave, beautiful, after a short-term efficient training smelting, believe that the class of 2021 amount to voices will wind waves in working life in the future, showing the beautiful beautiful youth, interprets the bravery of youth, all the staff hand in hand, create beautiful future!